Hot Water Heater Repair or Replacement

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A water heater is a heavily used and often forgotten appliance. However, the importance of it is realized as soon as there is any disruption in homes hot water supply. If the water heater is not properly maintained then it breaks. That’s why you should call our local expert water heater repair service at the first sign of a malfunction with your water heater. You need to check a few things before calling for help though;

DIY Electric Hot Water Heater Repair Solutions

If your electric hot water heater is getting slower at heating, the hot water is not lasting as long, or the water is not heated, then there is a high probablity that removing and replacing one of both heating units will solve your problem.

Water heater repairs are usually not that complicated, and replacing the heating elements are generally not that expensive (priced around $8 – $20) and are easily found online or at hardware stores and appliances parts retailers.

A conventional electric water heater has two heating elements. One is located at the top of the tank and other near the bottom. In a standard unit, the power enters through the top and goes first to the over-temperature power-off switch, then goes on to the thermostat and other components.

Two separate thermostats control the top and bottom components. As the water gets heated at the top of the tank, the temperature switch closes and the lower one remains “On” and heating the cold water entering at the bottom.

Under normal circumstances, the upper and lower heating components should not be functional simultaneously unless you ran the unit completely out of hot water.

The “Not So Obvious” Red Reset Button

At times there is a chance that both heating components will check out to be fine, however, you still have no hot water running. You may attempt to press the red button that is near the ‘high-temperature cutoff’. The button is found on the top side of the upper thermostat. This may help you to solve the issue, but if the problem persists, try using a multi-meter to test your heating components.

There could be other reasons for the water heater malfunction. Before you even attempt to test the heating elements and dig deeper, start off by first checking the circuit breaker as often the problem could be a simple trip of the circuit breaker. Hit the red reset button located near the high-temperature cutoff a few times to ascertain that it is completely depressed.

These are initial steps and at times are likely to solve your water heater problem. However the reason for these water heater disruptions is a strong indicator of an underlying electrical malfunction and if these trips are frequent, you need to check the heating components.

If the heating components test okay, the issues are mostly with the thermostats or cutoff switch. The testing of the thermostat is complicated and will likely require some expertise in implementing a proper test. However, these thermostats cost about $20 and included the cutoff switch. A better option is to go for the replacement of the thermostat.

If you ensure the proper maintenance of your water heating unit, it will keep running without any breaks for a long time. However, like most home appliances and installation, it is not uncommon to get occasional problems. If you face hot water heater disruption, you should not panic and reach out to us. We at San Jose Plumber’s are a highly qualified team of certified experts that can help you will all residential and commercial water heating services and we bring with us an experience of over 100 years in the water repair industry.

Where a malfunction in a water heater may cause discomfort to you and your family however there are also other serious repercussions of such breaks such as the release of carbon monoxide in your home, or poor gas ventilation that is potentially hazardous to your life and may result in an explosion.

When you reach out to use for our water heater repair services, our operator will inquire about the general details of the problem. We will inform you about our fees if you reside outside of our service locations and then we will schedule an appointment with you to visit your premises and do the initial diagnosis of the problem.

While our diagnostic team is on our scheduled repair appointment, one of the team members from Indianapolis Plumber will:

  • Inspect your hot water system to fully understand the problem
  • Give a solution for water heater replacement or repair options
  • Schedule another appointment if machine parts and other components are required but not in stock
  • Check and confirm that your water heater is not dangerous to use

Moving up to a Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heating

If you are considering a replacement of your existing water heater a good option is to consider the tankless water heater – especially if the main reason you are headed to the market is to do with water leaking and rusted water tank. If you have a family of 4 or 6, all getting ready for work at the same time in the mornings, then you would have to deal with the unpleasant cold showers.

If you have 4 or fewer people in your household, there is no sense in continuing with a 50-gallon tank or larger, as it just takes a hit on your utility expense on using more heating to keep the water heated all day. A tankless water heater may seem like an expensive investment at first but the cost savings it offers will provide your more savings than a conventional water heater and the tankless system will probably pay for itself in 6-7 years.

No matter what system is in place at your house as your main energy source, they manufacture a tanklless water heater compatible for that application. They are available in:

  • Natural Gas
  • Electric
  • Liquid Propane

Size Illustration: Let’s consider that the standard shower is 104–106° and utilizes 2.6 gallons of water. Let’s also consider that the water temperature reaching inside your house from outside environment is 40°, and you require to generate considerable hot water to have 2 showers working at the same time, what temperature rise would you require to generate this?

OBJECTIVE/SOLUTION: In order to increase the temperature of outside water that comes in at 40° degrees and take it to 105° degrees, you need a system that is able to heat 5.2 gallons of water in 1 minute. So, you require a tankless water heater that can produce at least a 60° degree rise in temperatures at a rate of 5.2 gallons per 60 seconds.

What is the National Average Price of a Tankless Water Heater?
The average low cost for a gpm unit goes up to $200, and a much better unit in term of quality and carried a longer warranty and will run around $2500, with a median average domain of about $1,500. If you do proper research the hardware market completely you’ll figure why there is such a huge price gap.

In the industry, the plumbers you will get in touch with are usually third party license resellers who will not bring you any savings on the purchase. If you reach out to us we will provide you with a clear-cut pricing structure and the estimate of the whole project. Our prime objective is to give you a complete service and replacement at one visit, however, we need to visit your premises and check the faults for ourselves to get the understanding of the requirements and the time it needs for complete fixing.

You must understand the need of you on-demand hot water at any given time to understand the type of heating unit you require. Do you run two showers at a time or run separate sinks simultaneously? The range and use of water at different temperatures for installed fixtures are varying for all households. We advice using a baseline estimate of 2.5 gpm for a regular shower and about 1.5 gpm for a kitchen sink to evaluate your overall water requirement.

In another scenario, if you run 2 showers simultaneously, you would require a minimum of 5 gallons of hot water every 60 seconds from your tankless water heater. Similarly, if you are running your washing machine and shower at the same time, you require 4.5 gallons per minute from your installed water heating system. You need to make sure that the size of the tank meets and exceed your daily heating requirements to ensure you get uninterrupted heated water supply at all times.

Note: Tankless water heaters are manufactured to heat potable (drinking) water only, and you should NOT preheat the inlet water.

All hot water heater service and repairs options are scheduled after a complete evaluation of the problem and the prices are quoted on a flat-rate basis and cover both parts and labor costs.

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